About King Plus

King Plus started off as a full fledged design & build agency. Over the years servicing countless clients, we realised how challenging it can be to find reliable experts for home projects in Malaysia. Worse still, many ended up hiring wrong service providers, causing a waste of ttime, money, efforts…

As home owners ourselves, we share how it feels when things go south. When Jacky’s house had a water leakage problem, he ended up paying a contractor 5x more than the normal market rate– and it was a shabby job, by the way. Jenny had been working on her new house renovation, but none of the architects and contractors she selected completed the job. What’s more frustrating, she has run out of budget.

Which is why we set out to build a community of vetted pros, connecting them with home owners who are seeking help for their home needs, regardless of the scale of the projects.

What We Do

From regular house cleaning, all the way to house demolishing & rebuilding, King Plus has the vetted expects who can offer the tailor-made solutions. We are committed to change what was once complicated and intimidating into something simple and stress-free. Only to ensure Malaysian home owners can have peace of mind.
Via our home management platform, we distil the whole process into 3 simple steps:

  1. Know what to do
  2. Know who to hire
  3. Know when to action

Above all, by connecting local professionals with home owners, we are driving economic growth by ensuring the right, skillful people have a fair advantage for success.